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Where health is the focus, a central vacuum system is a must

10 buone ragioni


Where health is the focus, a central vacuum system is a must


An external vent expels smaller particles that cannot be filtered out, compared to traditional vacuum systems that blow the vacuumed air right where you have just cleaned.


Environmental hygiene in healthcare facilities is of great importance.
With the central vacuum system, dirt is removed mechanically from a surface, eliminating pollen, mites and micro-dust that are harmful to patients’ health.


During cleaning, patients will not be disturbed by the noise of the vacuum unit as the motor is installed in a dedicated technical room.


The system is absolutely safe: no electrical contact, cable or powered organ is in the hands of the operator. The 12V low voltage vacuum inlet are childproof.


Cleaning must be geared towards the systematic and constant removal of dust. Thanks to the use of a single hose, cleaning operations can be carried out at any time without damaging the building or disturbing patients.


The central vacuum system provides a deep cleaning of the environment, making the air lighter and creating a more comfortable place for guests.


The motors are made to work continuously, with no need for extra maintenance beyond the ordinary (estimated at 2-3h/year).


Thanks to Sistem Air’s Master Control software, it is possible to carry out a remote diagnostic analysis, which makes it possible to establish in advance what maintenance might be required, thus shortening intervention times. Find out more


The vacuum system allows you to clean your entire business using only one hose. The vacuumed dirt is conveyed into a single dust bin. One bin = faster maintenance.


The system’s light weight, high power and practicality significantly reduce usage time, resulting in optimised cleaning costs. Clean lasts longer without micro-dust.

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Sfiato all'esterno Secchio di raccolta polveri in un solo punto

Sfiato all'esterno

Sfiato dell'impianto all'esterno per espellere le polveri sottili e le sostanze inquinanti che non vengono trattenute dal filtro. In questo modo si avrà un netto miglioramento della qualità dell'aria nella quale vengono effettuate le pulizie.

Secchio di raccolta polveri in un solo punto

Secchio di raccolta polveri in un solo punto, per garantire l'efficienza e la facile manutenzione dell'impianto. Permette di convogliare le polveri raccolte in un solo punto e consente il pratico svuotamento del secchio di raccolta.

A concentration of thin dust results in the formation of dust; heavier than thin dust, it tends to be deposited increasingly from top to bottom, particularly on horizontal surfaces. Both thin dust and dust can become a receptacle for germs and thus affect the determination of the bacterial load and the spread of infections.

The system does not recirculate the vacuumed air.

It is applied in environments with hygienic conditions to be respected.

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