10 buone ragioni


Get the most out of your workshop. Clean and tidy working environments without wasting time.

10 buone ragioni


Get the most out of your workshop. Clean and tidy working environments without wasting time.


Deep cleaning improves the appearance of vehicles returned to customers. Compared to conventional wheeled systems, the central vacuum system leaves no residue because it eliminates micro-dust.


With Sistem Air Pro’s professional Rollflex reel you have up to 20 metres of flexible hose to cover large areas of up to 600 square metres.


A tidy and clean workshop increases the quality of work. The vacuum power of the system is always available, without wasting time.


Cleaning is carried out using only a lightweight flexible hose that reaches everywhere, even in the narrowest spaces, which would be impossible for a traditional vacuum trolley.


The system is absolutely safe: no electrical contact, cable or powered organ is in the hands of the operator. The 12V low voltage vacuum inlet are childproof.


The motors are made to work continuously, with no need for extra maintenance beyond the ordinary (estimated at 2-3h/year).


Thanks to Sistem Air’s Master Control software, it is possible to carry out a remote diagnostic analysis, which makes it possible to establish in advance what maintenance might be required, thus shortening intervention times. Find out more


The motors of the industrial line offer outstanding vacuum power in all conditions of use, which can be intelligently regulated and delivered through the use of an inverter. The central vacuum system ensures greater efficiency and safety.


The vacuum system allows you to clean your entire business using only one hose. The vacuumed dirt is conveyed into a single dust bin. One bin = faster maintenance.


The system’s light weight, high power and practicality significantly reduce usage time, resulting in optimised cleaning costs. Clean lasts longer without micro-dust.

Intercettare e abbattere le polveri fini

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Intercettare e abbattere le polveri fini
Sfiato all'esterno Separatore polveri Turbix Motore industriale

Sfiato all'esterno

Sfiato dell'impianto all'esterno per espellere le polveri sottili e le sostanze inquinanti che non vengono trattenute dal filtro. In questo modo si avrà un netto miglioramento della qualità dell'aria nella quale vengono effettuate le pulizie.

Separatore polveri Turbix

Il separatore polveri Turbix è fondamentale per un impianto industriale in quanto pre-separa le polveri aspirate durante le pulizie riducendo la quantità di polveri che arrivano al filtro della centrale aspirante, prolungandone la durata e l'efficienza.

Motore industriale

I motori industriali sono adatti a tutte quelle situazioni in cui si devono effettuare le pulizie di grandi spazi, nei quali più operatori devono utilizzare contemporaneamente l'impianto.

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