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Of course, in all the environments where you would use a wheeled system with the central vacuum system of the Sistem Air PRO line you can increase efficiency, reduce consumption and access the legal tax benefits.

Of course, it is possible to recoverthe vacuumed material thanks to the special Auto Jet Turbixseparator (find out).

Yes, the important thing is to prevent liquids and then solids from travelling through the same pipe, which could mix with liquid residues that may have remained in the pipe and cause scaling and sedimentation.

There are two solutions for vacuuming up liquids:

– In the case of occasional vacuuming of small quantities (a few litres), the ideal solution is to use the liquid separator, to be connected to the vacuum inlet, which holds the vacuumed liquid inside, preventing it from ending up in the system.

– In the case of frequent vacuuming of liquids or large quantities, it is recommended to create a line dedicated to the vacuuming of liquids and one dedicated to dry material: the latter will arrive directly at the central unit, while the one for liquids will flow into a special separator, of adequate capacity and possibly with the possibility of automatic discharge. The central vacuum unit is the same for both uses: it is therefore not a duplication of the system but a division of it.

Yes, the vacuum power can be adjusted. The central units have a dedicated function on the control touch screen that allows you to modify it even while the machine is running to achieve the desired result.

The management computer on the central vacuum system controls the electric motor to keep the set vacuum power constant both when the number of simultaneous operators increases and when the number of connected accessories changes. This allows to obtain the desired vacuum power with the lowest possible energy consumption.

By correctly sizing the system piping and the central vacuum unit, you can do almost anything you want.

Evaluation is needed:

– the nature of the material to be vacuumed (specific weight, size of the waste to be vacuumed, shape),

– whether the vertical sections are travelled in favour of or against the force of gravity

– the overall length of the pipe

As a result of these evaluations and the number of simultaneous users required, the system is designed by choosing the appropriate diameter of the pipes, the number of lines to be installed and the suitable central vacuum unit.

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