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Of course, the Sistem Air Pro central vacuum system increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption in every working situation.

Of course, it is possible to recover the suctioned material thanks to the special Auto Jet Turbix separator (discover).

Yes, but it's important to avoid that in the same pipenetwork run liquids and then solids, which could mix with liquid residues.

There are two solutions to vacuuming up liquids:

For occasional vacuuming of small quantities we recommend to use the liquid separator.

For more frequent or treats large volumes, it's necessary to make one line dedicated to the vacuum of liquids and one for dry material. The central vacuum unit is the same for both uses, so it's not a duplication of the system but a division of it.

Yes, it's possible to adjust the vacuum power. The central vacuum units have a dedicated feature that can be set even while it's working.

The management computer on the central vacuum cleaner controls the electric motor to keep the set suction power constant both when the number of simultaneous operators increases and when the number of connected accessories varies. This allows the desired suction power to be obtained with the lower energy consumption possibile.

With correct sizing of pipework and central vacuum unit, it's possible to do almost anything you want..

Need to evaluate:

- the nature of the material to be vacuumed (specific weight, size of the waste to be vacuumed, shape),

- whether the vertical sections are traveled in favor of or against the force of gravity

- the overall length of the pipeline

Following these evaluations and the number of simultaneous operators required, the system is realised by choosing the appropriate diameter of the pipes, the number of lines to be installed and the right central vacuum unit.

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