Industrial vacuum system Sistem Air Pro


In all circumstances you need a Sistem Air Pro central vacuum system because cleaning well is an important part of the quality of your work.

The range of industrial vacuum system by Sistem Air Pro is indispensable in all situations where professional cleaning is a necessity. The professional vacuum systems, designed and built in Italy, also fit into Atex environments and allow the suction of any material such as liquids, chips, fine dust and much more.

Why Sistem Air Pro

It is an absolute leader in the designing and manufacturing of industrial vacuum systems for over 30 years, guaranteeing Made in Italy quality.

A process-integrated industrial central vacuum system
not just useful for cleaning company premises.

Problem solving

It adapts to any activity by becoming a central vacuum system. Integrated into work machines or for simple routine cleaning without stopping product cycles.


In terms of time, money and unexpected costs. It is a planned choice that eliminates the uncertainties of overall maintenance costs.

Custom made

The system is designed to respond to
specific business needs
both in new projects and in
existing ones.

Unique technology

Nobody knows suction as
System Air Pro, so much so that we designed
a unique technology in the world.

Ad hoc planning

Sistem Air Pro is capable of responding to all professional and industrial sector requests