Central vacuum system in hotels: the opportunity comes from the Superbonus

The measure within the NRP for the HO.RE.CA. sector

The measure within the NRP for the HO.RE.CA. sector

The possibility of realising with the Superbonus the thermal insulation of buildings through the application of a thermal coat, exactly as it happens for houses, is an opportunity for hotels to respond to two different needs (energy efficiency and cleaning of the hotel structure) with a single definitive solution.

HO.RE.CA. is the acronym that stands for Hotellerie-Restaurant-Cafè and synthesises all the activities that revolve around hospitality, reception and catering, one of the sectors most affected by the two-year pandemic that has taken away the pleasure of that conviviality that can only be found at the table.

It is precisely to favour this sector of the Italian economy, which has been heavily damaged by the pandemic crisis, that an investment measure - Measure M1C3, investment 4.2.1 - has been dedicated within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, PNRR.

Beneficiaries and requirements

Beneficiaries and requirements

The beneficiaries of this measure, in addition to hotel enterprises, include: establishments carrying out agritourism activities; open-air accommodation facilities; enterprises in the tourism, recreation, fair and conference sector, including bathing establishments, spa complexes, marinas, theme parks.

At the time of submitting the application, enterprises must meet the following requirements:

  • be registered in the business register;
  • operate a tourist accommodation or service activity in buildings or areas owned by third parties or own the buildings where the activity that is the subject of the intervention is carried out;
  • be in order with the verification of the regularity of contributions - DURC;
  • be in compliance with anti-mafia regulations;
  • be in order with regard to taxation.

Permitted interventions

Permitted interventions

Incentives can be claimed for:

  • energy efficiency improvement;
  • earthquake retrofitting;
  • elimination of architectural barriers;
  • extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservative renovation, building renovation, installation of manufactured and prefabricated goods;
  • construction of thermal swimming pools (only for thermal establishments);
  • digitisation;
  • purchase of furniture.


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