Demas Ceremonies and wedding parties said yes to Sistem Air

The importance of choosing a wedding dress in a clean and healthy environment

Demas Ceremonies and wedding parties, which has been dressing brides and grooms throughout Italy with a unique style for over 30 years, chose Sistem Air to equip its Cesano Boscone (MI) shop with a truly healthy and clean environment.

Matteo Sergio Maria Deamici - Research & development, head of digital transition and new technologies - himself expresses the motivation and satisfaction of having chosen Sistem Air for his shop: "In a building of over 6000 square metres we offer a rigorous service that follows the customer from beginning to end, that is, until the wedding day. For us, it is essential to improve the customer experience through spaces with a great quality of life, which is why we wanted to install the central vacuum system. A system that allows us to clean our premises while respecting the peace and quiet and eliminating all bacteria and allergens."

"The presentation of the garments is crucial for us. The difference, in terms of speed and quality, between traditional cleaning and using central vacuum system is drastic. We are very happy with the choice we made and to have seen the excellent impression we had of Sistem Air confirmed right from the start." - concluded Matteo Sergio Maria Deamici.

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