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Floor inlets

Outdoor use

Vacpan inlets

Virtus inlets

Design inlets

Industrials inlets

Sistem Air Pro inlets meet the various plant engineering requirements in the tertiary and industrial sectors. 

Industrial outdoor inlet 

Also available in antistatic version 

Accepts both 32 and 40 diameter cleaning hoses.

Floor inlets

Floor Sistem Air Pro inlets allow the installation of the system in any environment.

They prove to be useful and versatile, especially in environments open space without partitions.

Outdoor use inlets

Sistem Air Pro outdoor inlets are ideal for not forgetting any part of the house such as garages and cellars.

Low voltage hose coupling 12 V 

Flexible hose ø32 and PVC piping ø50


Vacpan inlets

The Sistem Air baseboard vacuum inlets are suitable for installation in the plinth of the kitchen cabinet.

The system is switched on and off by means of a pedal on the front of the inlet.

Virtus inlets

Sistem Air Pro inlets meet different plant engineering requirements.

Absolute quality, designed to last unchanged over time.

The Sistem Air inlet sockets faithfully reflect the shape, colours and finish of the civil series chosen for the electrical installation, integrating with it to perfection. The result is great harmony, and the models available are from the leading manufacturers on the market.

Virtus inlets series: 

  • Bticino
  • Gewiss
  • Vimar 
  • Simon Urmet 
  • ABB

Design inlets

The DESIGN Square inlets are distinguished by their great sturdiness and simple yet elegant lines, available in different coloured finishes to better match the wall where they are installed.

Sistem Air Pro Design inlets are characterised by simple, harmonious lines, following the aesthetics of electrical installations in northern Europe, with rounded edges that soften the shape.

Any plaster defects around the square backup box can be resolved by inserting a finishing frame between the backup box and inlet.

Available in various colours 


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    Ad hoc planning

    Sistem Air Pro is capable of responding to all professional and industrial sector requests