Working with wood: when chips and dust slow down activities

The importance of an efficient vacuum central system

The importance of an efficient vacuum central system

Not only wood shavings, but also the dust generated by the materials used in the various processes in carpentry workshops.

While the accumulation of this production waste poses a serious health risk to operators, it also interferes with production by slowing it down and accumulating on machinery and production lines.

The industrial central vacuum system by Sistem Air Pro enables fast, versatile and thorough removal of even the finest micro-dust produced by woodworking. Even if they are not visible to the naked eye, they pose a serious risk to the respiratory system of those working in a carpentry workshop.

Blowing yourself up with a compressor to 'clean yourself up' or using wheeled containers to clean your working environment are not the right solution. On the contrary, these two tools risk producing the opposite effect by lifting into the air dust and micro-dust deposited on clothes and surfaces and increasing the likelihood of them being breathed in.

Turbix - cyclonic separator

Turbix - cyclonic separator

Given the nature of wood dust, and the quantity produced during processing, Sistem Air Pro has designed the Turbix cyclonic separator to be combined with the central vacuum cleaner to preserve the filter.

With the interception of more than 98% of suctioned dust, Turbix significantly reduces maintenance cycles by retaining in its collection bucket even the coarsest dust and filaments otherwise harmful to the central vacuum cleaner.

The Sistem Air Pro cyclonic separators are also available in four different sizes and, since the filtration of the air from the sucked-in dust is done by cyclonic separation, they do not have a filter inside.

A guarantee of efficiency but, above all, a considerable simplification in maintenance.

Preventing abrasions and explosions

Preventing abrasions and explosions

Wood shavings generated during machining create a real risk of fire and explosion as they accumulate on machinery. This is due to the flammable nature of wood dust, which requires the use of safe and certified extraction systems.

But the nature of wood dust is not only flammable, it is also abrasive. For this reason, a pipe net made of steel pipes should be used for the extraction of wood chips and dust. PVC or similar materials should be avoided, as they would inevitably be scratched and damaged by the dust and wood shavings sucked in.


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