In kindergartens, central vacuum system prevents the risk of infection

Protecting children by reducing bacteria

Protecting children by reducing bacteria

For young children, the kindergarten is the first place outside the home where they spend most of their day interacting with their peers. European legislation provides for hygiene and cleaning practices for their protection, which must be carried out in the various environments and which must be respected primarily by the operators.

The main objective is to minimise the bacterial threshold to reduce the impact of infections. And this, if done well, is a far from simple task. Different cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation procedures have to be planned and alternated.

In all these steps, however, it is important to use the right tools because young children are sensitive to both dirt and detergents that can be equally dangerous to their health. Just think of the damage that can be caused by very aggressive detergents such as caustic or corrosive ones coming into contact with their skin or mouth.

Safety, silence and efficiency

Safety, silence and efficiency

In kindergartens, timely cleaning is essential because in the large rooms where children move and play, there are several places where they can come into contact with dirt and bacteria. On the one hand there are the various surfaces where the activities promoted by the operators are carried out (from the tables to the floor itself), on the other hand there are the toys with which the children come into contact not only by touching them but also by bringing them into their mouths.

The central vacuum system makes it possible to clean these areas quickly, without getting lost in the choice of the most suitable detergent, silently, without disturbing or, worse still, frightening the children, and limiting disruption to activities to a minimum, as there is only one hose inside the classrooms.

In addition, central vacuum system is safe because there are no wires for children to trip over and the way the vacuum inlets are constructed prevents them from getting shocked.

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