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Integrated productivity and reduced maintenance: an advantage for every company

Sistem Air Pro designs and builds modular central vacuum systems capable of deep cleaning work environments, adapting to the size and configuration of the plant and production lines.

The vacuum unit is made up of one or more motors controlled by a dust separator; thanks to its modularity, it has no limits in terms of use and installation. The number of motors installed is defined by the number of simultaneous operators who will use the system and the surface area in square metres to be covered.

By installing the central vacuum unit in the desired location, in a prearranged room or outside the plant, the collection of the sucked material is centralised, facilitating its disposal and recovery.

The centralised system has almost infinite fields of professional and industrial application.

In addition to cleaning efficiency, where through timely extraction it avoids air pollution and contact by operators with harmful particles produced during processing, this system also brings enormous advantages in terms of optimising production times and reducing costs.

Being able to clean workplaces quickly and comfortably avoids bottlenecks or slowdowns that typically occur in continuous cycle environments. At the same time, by combining the suction unit with cyclonic dust separators, on the one hand the vacuum unit filter is preserved, and on the other hand it is also possible to recover the sucked material in specific containers. A double source of savings in terms of maintenance and product recycling.

Not only clean, the dual potential of Sistem Air Pro

Not only clean, the dual potential of Sistem Air Pro

Therefore, Sistem Air Pro's central vacuum industrial system not only allows you to clean your plant in the best possible way but, thanks to its versatility, also offers the possibility of building dedicated lines for the recovery of the different materials sucked in.

Specifically, with the addition of a dedicated dust separator, the sucked material, separated from the dirt, is "returned" already substantially ready to be reused. Optimising costs and making work circular, sustainable and waste-free with enormous time savings for the company.

Autojet, a product without limits

Autojet, a product without limits

Autojet is an automatic discharge dust separator designed by Sistem Air Pro to break down dust while preserving the filter of the central vacuum unit; it can also handle large volumes of material in complete autonomy with automatic discharge.

Regardless of the amount of material sucked in, liquid or solid, Autojet's versatile installation can convey it to the desired point. Be it a simple collection bucket or a large container.

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