Raw material shortages: difficulties and opportunities for companies

The value of savings and waste recovery

With the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago, and the subsequent lockdown that was adopted, albeit in different forms, in almost all parts of the world, demand for raw materials came to a sudden halt and then to an exponential recovery that threw the world's production system into crisis. The reopening and return to normal life revived consumption, but with such a demand that the production system could not reorganise itself.

In fact, manufacturers had to order components and raw materials in large quantities, not only to meet today's demand, but also for the coming years.

This situation is rapidly draining the stocks of any supplier of raw materials, semi-finished products or components. This is affecting all companies, without exception. To this, the war that has just broken out has added an energy crisis that has further undermined the prospects for a global economic recovery.

From pandemic to war, the fallout on the production chain

From pandemic to war, the fallout on the production chain

In such a turbulent context for companies, the recovery of production waste, combined with other forms of savings, can be a valid solution to remedy the difficulty of finding raw materials.

Sistem Air Pro's industrial central vacuum system not only guarantees a thorough cleaning of the working environment, but also allows the recovery of production waste thanks to the automatic Autojet exhaust system (which you can discover by clicking here).

The professional and industrial fields of application for Sistem Air Pro's central vacuum system are almost infinite thanks to the modularity and versatility of this system, which allow it to adapt to ensure truly clean environments with speed, convenience and practicality.

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