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A common problem for many companies

Whether in the food, manufacturing or automotive industries, to name but a few, the vacuuming of liquids is notoriously challenging. Regardless of the liquid to be vacuumed, water or industrial oils, the main problems are the use of unsuitable tools during cleaning and disposal.

Conventional vacuum cleaners or wheeled vacuum cleaners are often used to vacuum both dust and liquids. But the mix of these two elements sucked together inevitably causes damage to filters and pipes, which are not suitable for this task.

In addition, vacuuming large quantities of liquids requires a suction power that traditional liquid vacuum cleaners are not usually able to guarantee. This results in an increase in cleaning time at best, and at worst in the impossibility of finishing the job of suctioning the liquid if the latter, as in the case of oil, by nature offers greater resistance to suction.

Auto Jet Turbix: liquids (and dust) are no longer a problem

Auto Jet Turbix: liquids (and dust) are no longer a problem

Sistem Air Pro has designed Auto Jet Turbix for vacuuming large quantities of liquids (and dust) and with an automatic discharge capable of handling large volumes of material in complete autonomy.

With this system, any company can not only suck up any type of liquid, water or industrial oil, preserving the filter of the central vacuum unit, but can also recover the waste. This provides a dual source of savings in maintenance costs and reuse of the sucked material.

It is the conical shape that allows the Auto Jet Turbix to perform cyclonic separation of the sucked material without using any filter.

Thanks to the self-supporting frame, made of epoxy powder coated steel, it can also be positioned over drains, tanks or cisterns, ensuring the immediate discharge of the sucked liquids in the production cycles.

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