In textiles, processing waste damages the quality of the finished product

Cleanliness is the key to success in a multi-faceted industry

Cleanliness is the key to success in a multi-faceted industry

The textile-clothing industry comprises a production chain that starts with the companies involved in the production of yarns and fabrics and ends with the companies involved in the manufacture of underwear, clothing and household linen.

In this sector, irrespective of the type of production, the greatest risks to the safety of operators are essentially linked to working in the vicinity of moving parts such as fabric rollers (winding machines, rolling machines, mirrors, etc.), to the use of cutting machines and equipment, to the use of sewing machines, to working with press-stretchers, which can cause damage to the upper limbs due to both the pressure of the machine and the presence of high-temperature steam flow.

And the risk of accidents linked to the storage of raw materials and semi-finished products should not be underestimated, due to the possible presence of trolleys, transport equipment and incorrect organisation of the workplace.

The fabric cutting phase

The fabric cutting phase

In the textile industry, the fabric cutting phase, especially in mass production, requires that the work table and tools used are constantly cleaned. Especially in the transition from one fabric to another to avoid production waste creating health risks for operators and slowing down production.

In particular, here are the possible health hazards for operators at this stage:

  • irritation of the airways, eyes and skin from exposure to dusts that may develop during laying and cutting of the pieces.
  • continuous exposure to noise produced by the machines used for cutting can lead to extra-auditory disorders;
  • biomechanical overload pathologies of the upper limb;
  • musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and limbs due to manual handling of loads when moving and/or lifting rolls of fabric.

Why a central vacuum system pays off

Why a central vacuum system pays off

Working with precious and delicate fabrics requires constant attention to the maintenance of machinery, environments and workstations. The Sistem Air Pro central industrial vacuum system is, for various reasons, the ideal solution to guarantee the highest standards of safety and productivity for those working in the textile sector.

The central vacuum system, in fact, thanks to its versatility and modularity, allows you to clean large areas, without moving bulky machines, and to expel production waste, dust and micro-dust outside. The positioning of the central vacuum unit outside the factory also guarantees quietness during cleaning.

With Sistem Air Pro, you save money and time. Thanks to effective extraction, production will no longer be slowed down by production waste and maintenance costs will be reduced.

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